When the sun makes its low and sleepy trek for an earlier and earlier set and all color fades and the once lush landscape no longer covers the scars of downed trees and the discarded, now piled in yards. All logic tells you to vacation south where the waves and days happily roll by and the flowers bloom with bird song and yet…there is that spell that only a winter can cast and whispers to the soul, ’Burrow in and read, write, cook and repeat …” Winter is deep contradictions.  A time of death, the  stripping away beauty a time of introspection. Do you dare be with the gray of these days? And then the snow falls….steady and silent. Suddenly a sparkling white world that transports you with beauty unmatched.  Experience the ride of your life on the roller coaster of a winter in Vermont.


From Nov 15 - April 15 you will enjoy a six months stay to start or complete your manuscript. As they say “It’s all about the journey!” So, even if you decide to shelf your work in the end, the experience will never be forgotten.

The 6 month stay is $6,000 per month. All utilities and cleaning once a week (bed linens cleaned & changed) included. Each of the two guests must have three 5-star reviews on Airbnb to book with us. (The rental will not be through Airbnb to avoid fees, however read our Airbnb listing to get all details and pictures on the space).

There is a desk, dining table and window nook in Baggs Inn and a game table and bar in The Double Dragon Pub for two private writing rooms. There is an efficiency kitchen in the pub so early morning or late night small meals can be done without disturbing the other. Both spaces have Queen bed, full bath, TV's and high speed fiber optic internet.

During the building of this home we had hard-working elves assisting and 'fairy luck' throughout the project. We are confident they can be called on as they love great literature...the celebration of it in Tolkien’s works or the birth of a classic from your imagination! Bring your cross-country skis! 

If you have a fantasy of writing your book in the most quiet and magical space EVER… you have found the spot!

Contact us via email! If you are interested we will then open our 2022 calendar for a Wednesday overnight booking. This will allow us to confirm your reviews and for you to check out the space and determine if it's a good fit and get all the details. This stay will be refunded in full if you sign the lease.
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