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T. Pepper Clayton... is a detailed orientated engineer and builder who co-designed and completed an 80% solo built of a 2 story post & beam home utilizing a 160-year old barn. In 2018 he complete an 1,200 sq. ft. earth-sheltered home, again an 80% solo project, that is known far & wide as the Hobbit House.  A  jack of all trades he also installs all systems and has worked at the University of Colorado's 11.5 million square-foot campus in Boulder as an engineer, energy efficiency technician, and inspector .  As a green builder, he has studied and installed alternative power systems. He holds a certificate in Solar Power Installation. 
He has extensive experience in both residential and commercial property management.
Cynthia Clayton...is a generalist designer with a master's degree in  Critical & Creative Thinking. (ADesigningMind.com) Before her design/build projects, Barn to Home & Hobbit House she completed with her husband, she fixed and flipped houses in Atlanta for over 10 years, during this time she was a fine-art photographer and owned a photography studio which she designed and renovated with her partner. 
Design education includes Sustainable Home Design, Sustainable Communities of the Future, Certification in Permaculture and Edible Forest Gardens. She has assisted Dave Sellers  at Yestermorrow Design Build School, facilitating his 'Eco-Municipalities of the Future' workshop.  
As a product designer she won an exclusive license for her product in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. 
She has extensive property management experience for both residential and commercial real estate.  
She has a certificate in Transpersonal Psychology and has studied Near Death Experiences for decades, and as an ordained Interfaith Minister has written books on the topic of consciousness survival.

Cynthia & Pepper have been happily married for 20 years and have beaten the old adage,  "Build a house, loose a spouse".
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